Makassar: A Living Maritime Heritage of Island Traders

Walking towards a long line of tall traditional pinisi boats in the historic Paotere Harbour in Makassar, I caught whiffs of freshly cut timber.

Blitar - Tales of Intrigue in East Java

Blitar is a quiet, friendly town in East Java. From mystical lakes with god-fish legends to the stunning Bung Karno Museum honouring the founder of Indonesia, it is full of history and intrigue, as well as colourful characters.

Life in a Boma - Tanzania

When you get curious about other cultures, what are the best ways to explore them? Some of us book a flight, keen for a first-hand experience. Others turn to study, maybe anthropology or indigenous studies at university.

Where the wild things roam

Tangkahan is a remote village in Northern Sumatra where you have the opportunity to sleep in the jungle with the ‘big five’ of Indonesia – the Sumatran elephant, the Sumatran tiger, the Sumatran rhinoceros, the Sumatran orangutan, and the clouded leopard.

Canggu Club

Family fun at Canggu Club

If you want to bounce your day away and keep the kids entertained then head on out to the Canggu Club, located 15 minutes from Seminyak.

Body Temple Spa

The Body Temple Spa

Spas have a personality. From the delicate scented air of the lobby to the presentation of fresh ginger tea in a delicate pot to the flow of the gracious staff – all of this hints at a spa’s unique personality.

Belitung Island

Suku Sawang Belitung Island

Belitung Island emerges gracefully out of the Java Sea inviting curiosity and exploration. It does not disappoint. It is unquestionably a place of extraordinary and untouched beauty.

Cockfighting Showdown

I witnessed my first cockfight in Bali, in a small village just outside Ubud. I stumbled upon it by chance when I was running, with a local sports club, on a Saturday afternoon.

Reflecting on Indonesia's Hidden Heritage 2016

Each month, our intrepid duo Stephanie Brookes, Writer and David Metcalf, Photographer set off to explore some of the lesser-known enclaves of Indonesia and bring back tales of hidden heritage and culture.

Stairway to Heaven: Nusa Penida Island, Bali

I squeezed my way through a tiny gap between two huge boulders and was assured by my guide, “Yes, yes this is the way, …

Weh Island : The Outer Edge

A small tropical treasure trove of peace and adventure can be found tucked away in Aceh’s far north…

Malang - Grand Old City

The capital of Indonesia and its surrounds are full of surprises for the visitor. Jakarta – a city full of life and colour, with the outlying regions offering just as much diversity

Colombo: Full of History

Colombo has plenty to offer the visitor, above all, its friendly, welcoming people who will charm you every step of the way.

Waisak Day Festival

Every May, on the night of the full moon, thousands of Buddhists gather at Borobudur Temple for Waisak Day.

Horse Riding Lombok

According to Chinese astrology, the Year of the Horse is a time for fast victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance. 

Nomads of the Sea

I sat talking with Asman, an ethnic Bajau Palauk on his wooden fishing boat as sea cucumbers dried on the upper deck and we spoke about his seafaring life.

The Ancient Wonders of Sulawesi

Tana Toraja; Located in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago, Sulawesi sprawls out across the sea, resembling the shape of an orchid, between Kalimantan and Maluku.

Pride of The Desert

Every year, the Rajasthan desert plays host to the vibrant Pushkar Camel Fair, as well as a spiritual festival at Lake Pushkar, to purify the soul.

Mountain of Fire

Sometimes you just have to get up at 3.30am to view a spectacular sight and hope for that wow factor.

Secrets of the Unknown

Largely unexplored, North Lombok offers a peek into an exotic world of natural wonders and ancient communities.

Dieng Plateau “Abode of The Gods”

Some wonderful examples of the oldest architecture in Java lie sprinkled across the Dieng Plateau in Central Java.

Wae Rebo - A lost village in Flores

A last minute decision to buy a pig before setting off into the isolated mountains of Manggarai, Western Flores proved to be a wise decision.

Romancing the Waitakere Ranges

The Waitakeres Ranges is a 16,000-hectare parkland of outstanding beauty. The one-hour scenic drive through the Ranges is studded with tree ferns, giant Kauri trees and spectacular views.

Komodo and Beyond

As the crew heaved and tied off in practiced unison, the seven sails billowed and flapped as ropes snapped into place.

Memoirs of the Tsunami

Sri Lanka is a tropical island of legendary beauty. It is often described as the “teardrop island” as it sits off the coast of India like a tear.

5 must-do's in Jakarta

1. EATS-Eating at Lara Djonggrang ( is like taking a step back in time.

Festival of Colour

I arrived late in the evening to catch the Prince and Princess Tourism Competition. Suddenly chairs were parted and bodies shifted to make room for me in the front row. I was ordered to sit here, by one of the Dayak ladies

Heavenly Halong Bay

A boat trip into Halong Bay, a world heritage listed site in North Vietnam is a spectacular experience.

Discovering Orangutans

A journey on the Rungan River, Central Kalimantan allows you to explore primate country, experience traditional village life on the river and have contact with the local Dayak culture in a pristine jungle environment, with no other tourists around.

Memoirs of the Tsunami

Sri Lanka is a tropical island of legendary beauty. It is often described as the “teardrop island” as it sits off the coast of India like a tear.

The Baduy People Urang Kanekes

The Baduy are a proud group of West Javanese who have pledged to live without modern “luxury” and somewhat like the Amish in USA, shun modern appliances, TV, and all attributes of the “developed” world.

Kawah Ijen Volcano

East Java Extremes-There are some pretty extreme locations to visit in Indonesia and up near the top of the list is a hotspot that may leave you breathless and hot.

West Kalimantan - Karimata Islands

Pontianak in West Kalimantan is the starting point for a trip to the Karimata Islands. The bustling harbour is alive with activity and home to a myriad of traditional boats.

Bali’s peaceful hillside hideaway

Viceroy Bali sits perched on a high ridge above Bali’s Valley of the Kings, where shrines and ancient water temples date back to the 8th century.

Life & Death in Toraja

Believed to have descended from the stars, the Torajans of Sulawesi are a unique people who practise elaborate funeral rituals for their deceased.

Central Java

As I awoke in the early morning, the volcanic peaks of Central Java started to reveal themselves.

Large tropical retreat in Bali

French elegance and Balinese tradition blend seamlessly together throughout Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort on the island’s southern peninsula, but no place more than in the lobby….

Sheila in the Rice Fields – Ubud Yoga House

Sheila first came to Bali in 1985 and had a strong connection with Ubud which she maintained through the years.  After a career working in International schools around the world, she felt ready to settle down, but where?

Travel Bhutan - Happy Daze

Historically, the country has shared strong cultural links with Tibetan Buddhism and was part of the Silk Road linking China with the Indian subcontinent. It was an absolute monarchy until 2008. Bhutan is now a democratic country and operates as a constitutional monarchy with the king as the head of the state and prime minister as head of the government.

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