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Spas have a personality. From the delicate scented air of the lobby to the presentation of fresh ginger tea in a delicate pot to the flow of the gracious staff – all of this hints at a spa’s unique personality.

As I entered the Body Temple Spa, I immediately felt a great sense of calm wash over me. I sunk into a luxurious leather couch, surrounded by soothing, relaxing music and floated through the treatment choices. The top-of- the-range signature treatment was on the first page of the menu – a 140-minute Tropical Glow Body Treatment including a coconut and frangipani body mask and a Balinese body massage, plus a foot ritual and a luxurious shower with lotion treatment to finish off. Will this break the bank? – I don’t think so.

At $US80, it’s incredible value.

Among the other massage options were a 1-hour Balinese Massage for only $US30, and a 130 minutes couple’s massage with all the bells and whistles, including a romantic rose petal bath. All of this comes with individually controlled air conditioning in each room and your own private shower. That’s a winner.

From my experience, these prices are all very reasonable, considering the quality of massages given and the superior beauty products. Just as important, the environment is a haven of peace and quiet, including a beautifully appointed treatment room. I floated off into oblivion for my hour long Balinese traditional massage and totally surrendered to the experience of the expert hands working out my odd kinks and blockages and putting me into a relaxed therapeutic state. As well as a variety of massage treatments you can also opt for wraps and scrubs.

There are six types of facials plus manicures and pedicures, ear candling, teeth whitening, waxing and lash treatments (imported from Australia). Need your hair cut? There is even a full salon with styling, cutting, colouring, highlights and the famous Indonesian cream bath – the ultimate head and shoulder massage treatment that sends you away to the never-never land.

Like other options provided at the Canggu Club, the Spa is an adults’ place with kids in mind, meaning you can book the kids into their own on-site Kids Club, while you wander off to the temple of bliss and rejuvenate at all levels.

If there is one thing to spend money on in Bali, it’s a luxurious treatment in a beautifully appointed spa, such as the Body Temple Spa. I have tried “local” spas, and clearly, you pay for what you get – usually a dingy little back alley place. Once you pass through curtains, which often smell of age and mildew, the treatment is questionable regarding both the techniques used and the benefits.

With only a thin piece of cloth to separate you from the rest of the clientele, it’s not uncommon to hear other therapists chatting to each other or on their phones. It’s far from a blissful, renewing experience. I have never had an excellent massage in one of these local places. Therefore, I do recommend that you do yourself a favour and pay the extra for pure luxury.

There is something for everyone at the Body Temple Spa, so next time you head down to the beach, hang at the Canggu Club all day and make sure you fit in some spa time. It’s bound to leave you with a relaxed and glowing feeling.

Story by Stephanie Brookes

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