Stephanie Brookes

Stephanie Brookes

Author & Travelwriter

I have been a professional writer for over ten years. I am available to work on specific writing assignments and can offer both the writing and the photography. I have worked on assignments with Government agencies promoting travel and tourism to different regencies in Indonesia and beyond. I am available for travel writing assignments, tourism concepts, the creation of press releases, SEO optimisation, integrated social media platforms for exposure to targeted markets, trade magazine features and reporting. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Stephanie Brookes, Writer


This letter is to certify that Stephanie Brookes is a regular contributor for NOW!Jakarta magazine. Collaborating with talented photographers, Stephanie writes a monthly column called „Hidden Heritage“ which explores the beautiful landscapes of some of the lesser known islands and destinations of the Indonesian archipelago while focusing in on the indigenous tribes and cultures of that particular region.

Stephanie’s stories are both insightful and deeply personal, painting a vivid picture of place and people in Indonesia that some of us never even knew existed. As well as her regular column, which is delivered with punctuality every month, Stephanie also keeps us up to date with relevant events which may be of interest to our readership.
Kind regards
Alison Pace

Managing Editor, NOW! Jakarta Magazine

Stephanie has been collaborating with us for a couple of years. As an editor, I find her in-depth stories touch the heart of the readers, like her article about Selayar Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia, which is published in the June 2015 issue of Bali & Beyond magazine. Stephanie is a traveler with a lot of extraordinary stories to share, and is a writer that always meets the deadline. She is lovely to work with, and I would highly recommend her as a writer for your publication.

Risty Nurraisa

Senior Editor, Bali & Beyond Magazine

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