Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage is a vibrant and insightful travelogue, delving into the far corners of the archipelago, discovering hidden cultures and forgotten traditions. David Metcalf’s photography captures the absolute essence of Indonesia’s diverse lands, while Stephanie Brookes brilliantly conveys in words the wonderment as they travel around the nation.Buy the book now. Fill out this form to purchase your copy of “Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage – Cultural Journeys of Discovery” by Stephanie Brookes and David Metcalf. Easy payment via PayPal. Local shipping and worldwide shipping options.

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Reading this book is a perfect way to discover the richness of diversity that is Indonesia. Stunning photographs and a rich text connects the reader with tangible cultural experiences from Buffalo races in Bali to ancient rituals in Sumba. This book is a gem.

Anita Scheeres, Founder, Ganesha Bookshops, Bali

This new book by Stephanie Brookes and David Metcalf on Indonesia’s heritage looks exciting and is a great introduction for those who like to explore this magnificent archipelago. It should make a fine companion to my book Secret Bali.

Jill Gocher – Photographer and Author