The concept of Travelling Spoon is to put people in touch with locals and allow for a cultural exchange over dinner. This concept is based on the idea that food brings people together. It is growing and expanding worldwide, really changing the way people travel and allowing genuine contact with locals. What can be a more authentic way of getting to know Bali than being invited into a Balinese home? You get to learn about their way of cooking, their way of life and their unique family-compound living system.

It allows you the opportunity to ask questions about their traditions and form friendships. Every Travelling Spoon host is vetted beforehand, so you can be assured this is a quality experience, with all the “Western-style expectations” boxes ticked without losing cultural authenticity. The Travelling Spoon host family delivers not only an exquisite meal but also offers you the chance to join a cooking class and maybe learn grandma’s recipe. Also, if you wish, you can incorporate a market tour. This means you can experience the dinner from source to plate. Starting with picking out the fresh produce and spices from the market, you move to the kitchen bench and learn the cooking method. What a great way to enjoy a beautiful meal and beautiful connection.
Connecting with Balinese people through food, teaching or visiting an orphanage not only allows us to take something away but, more importantly, it allows us to give, which is richly rewarding as a traveller.

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