As the sun set against the vibrant green rice fields of Keliki Village in Bali, a full moon rose in the sky. The Grand Opening of the 2019 New Earth Festival and World Health Sovereignty Summit in Ubud (June 19-25) Bali was underway. This was no ordinary opening.  High priests, twenty kings and sultans of Indonesia, world leaders from every major religion, paramount chiefs from Africa (Ivory Coast), dignitaries and twenty-four activists all joined forces for the event.

This incredible array of people walked the red carpet, all there to honour Ibu Pertiwi – Mother Earth. I was waiting to hear, “may the force be with you” resound across the stage, but this was the dead opposite of Star Wars, this was all about Star Alignment.

An enormous art installation of Ibu Pertiwi was created by local artists in just forty-eight hours. That was just part of the magic!!!

Ogoh ogohs, representing evil, also joined the evening (my favourite – the vaccination Ogoh ogoh), with musicians, researchers, scientists, creators, architects, writers and more. The visionary behind this summit is Sacha Stone, who is clearly connected to some big-picture stuff and walks his talk. He orchestrated this think-tank to shift policy, and create a new mandate for humanity by calling great minds and prominent shapeshifters together.

Over the six-day summit, deep discussions involved issues such as the toxic food additives, vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, 5G and the harmful effects of EMF’s and geo engineering to name a few. Of course, the outcome is a focus on sustainable solutions, positive breakthroughs, new technology and a positive new way to move forward.

Before the grand opening, twelve crystals were activated and blessed by celestially selected holy spiritual leaders and placed in the soil at strategic spiritual locations all over Bali.  On the night of the grand opening, another twelve crystals were placed in the flower mandala encircled by five high priests of Bali who delivered incantations and chanted mantras while sprinkling holy water over it. I joined this circle in prayer – anyone could join. It was extraordinary.

The mudras and devotional chanting served to create a charged atmosphere and call in the spirits. That often comes with people falling in a trance. Indeed, one high priestess did fall into a trance. She got angry and flew at the crowd, shrieking like a banshee. Her outbursts were hysterical and appeared out of control. She was shouting on behalf of our planet – and seemed to be speaking through Ibu Pertiwi.  Her message was clearly acted out in her movements and garbled shoutings of “come on, come on, wake up people and change the way we do things on this planet”.  She came out of the trance, (with no memory of her outburst), and proceeded to calmly give people blessings and regained her priestly, soft demeanour.

This six-day summit may well be the awakening we need.  No one says it more eloquently as Sacha Stone himself.  Enjoy this short video from the master creator of this extraordinary summit of minds, intellect and heart.

DKR TV Indonesia 2 minute overview of the Opening of New Earth Festival, Keliki Village, Ubud, Bali

Stephanie Brookes is a travel writer and blogger with tales from Indonesia and beyond.

Author –“Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage; Cultural Journeys of Discovery”

2019 New Earth Festival and World Health Sovereignty Summit

Keliki Village, Ubud, Bali

June 19 – 25 June 2019


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